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1. Affiliations

To be able to actively participate as a member of SMFC and to make use of all facilities, a member has to have membership of the following:

  • Shongweni Model Flying Club
  • Durban Shongweni Club

All subs are payable to SMFC Treasurer.
Membership is renewed on 1st July each and every year.
Members will be issued with a membership card from the 3 institutions.
The SMFC Membership Card is to be used as the "Peg" on the Peg Board whilst flying. No other pegs are allowed.
The colour of the SMFC membership card will be changed every year.
Members using UHF spectrum type radios must be in possession of the correct colour membership card whilst at the field.

2. New Applicants

The process for an applicant to become a member of SMFC will be as follows:

  • Obtain and complete an application for SMFC and SAMAA. Alternatively forms are obtainable from the treasurer - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • The applicants name is circulated amongst existing members.
  • If there are no objections, membership is approved.
  • The new member pays the required fees to the treasurer including a once off "Joining Fee".
  • The member will be issued with a SMFC Membership Card and SAMAA no.
  • As SMFC is now a SAMAA agent, the SAMAA membership and insurance is in force with immediate effect.
  • As proof of membership, the new member is to take his SMFC membership card to the administrator at DSC who will issue him/her with an entry disc that is to be used to gain entry to the polo field. A refundable deposit is payable for the disc.
  • The SAMAA membership card will be posed to SMFC for collection. (This can be used as proof of membership and competency when visiting other clubs.) 

3. Expired Membership

Note: Members that do not renew their membership timeously, and have caused their membership to expire, need to re-apply for membership and the "Joining Fee" becomes payable. DSC will be informed of members whose membership has expired and their entry disc to the field will be invalidated.

4. Account Details

Members can directly deposit the fees into SMFC bank account being:
Account Name: Shongweni Model Flying Club
Bank: Standard Bank of SA
Account No.: 2 5 6 6 4 6 4 7 3
Branch Code: 0 4 5 7 2 6 4 2
Branch: Hillcrest

Proof of deposits need to be faxed to the Treasurer - 0866715238 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The members name is to be used as reference.

5. Communication

SMFC uses e-mail as the official format for the distribution of notices, newsletters etc. Due to the cost and time involved, postal mail will not be used.

All members are therefore encouraged to obtain an email address as to ensure that they are kept in the loop and up to date regarding happenings at SMFC.

As SAMAA News is posted directly from SAMAA to their members, SMFC members are to ensure that SAMAA is informed in any change of address as to ensure they receive the magazine.

6. Durban Shongweni Club

Paid up SMFC members are entitled and encouraged to make use of all facilities at DSC. This includes the Bar, Tearoom and Club House.

Please note that SMFC members do not have voting rights for DSC.

As DSC is our host and even thought we have full membership, we need to acknowledge the fact that it is an equestrian centre and that they have priority.

Members are at all times to adhere to this and "give way" to DSC members. This is of utmost importance as any wrongdoing or irresponsible behaviour by a SMFC member could place our membership at risk.

If there are any complaints or discrepancies, SMFC members are requested not to get involved but to refer it to our committee who in turn will take it up with DSC management.

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